“Sundays are probably my favourite days here in Ljubljana. Things may slow down a little but there’s always something going on. You just have to change where you look. That’s why this is my favourite.”



Lazy Sundays

Slovenians believe so strongly that Sundays are for
relaxing that in Slovenenian the word for Sunday literally means “no work”.

We’ll show you a truly Slovenian Sunday. We’ll have a lazy time together with all the things that a proper Slovenian Sunday should include: a little walk, a visit to the antique market, a stroll down the park,
a relaxed lunch, and of course what Sunday afternoon would be complete without a drink (or five).

We’ll take a short walk to Tivoli park and grab an ice cream by the pond, we’ll walk up Rožnik Hill where you get a taste of the Slovene woodland on the doorstep of Ljubljana, and we’ll finish up with a typical Slovene lunch. Most likely this will include a Wiener Schnitzel, beef broth or Kranjska sausage
(a vegetarian option will be available too). So while Ljubljana can be pretty quiet on a Sunday, we wouldn’t change a thing. And we don’t think you’ll want to either. Join us to enjoy your own lazy Sunday.

WHAT? A chilled few hours together looking at how the locals spend their Sundays in Slovenia. We will wrap the day up with a great lunch, and a few coffee and/or beer ‘pit stops’ along the way are also included.


WHEN? The clue is in the name - Sundays starting at 11.00.


WHERE? We’ll meet outside the Town Hall and then decide on what do to together. This is a very relaxed tour, so we’ll adjust it to fit the type of Sunday you’re looking for.


HOW LONG? Around 4 hours. Sundays are not to be rushed!


HOW BIG? 4-5 people make an ideal Sunday bunch.


HOW MUCH? €55*

Kids up to 12 years €35*

It includes a personal walk around Ljubljana with a CurioCity guide (we adapt all our tours to your wishes), a full Slovenian lunch in a local restaurant plus coffee/soft drink.

*The price quoted  is per person for a group of minumum 4 guests. 

Individual prices may vary.


CURIOUS? Book your spot today.


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