We are CurioCity:
arrive in Ljubljana as a tourist, leave as a local!

We love Ljubljana. It’s beautiful, vibrant, clean and safe, and we want you to be a part of that. We want to see you immersed in the stories, the people and the magic of Ljubljana as it exists today. Here at CurioCity we are not such a fan of the typical tour. We focus less on the buildings and landmarks, and more on the people living here and their stories. Your visit shouldn't just be about sightseeing, but fully experiencing the city though the eyes of a locally-licensed guide. We believe that bigger isn’t always better, so our groups are always kept small and intimate. Experiences should be less like “tours”, and more like real-life human-beings exploring a city together, seeing the side of Ljubljana that often remains undiscovered by tourists.

This is how we do it. Run by locals, supporting locals, creating locals.


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